Freebie Alert: Classic RPG ‘Vay’ Goes Free for First Time Ever

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posted September 20th, 2012 4:52 PM EDT by Jared Nelson in Featured, Free, Games, iPhone games, iPod touch games, Retro, Role-Playing, Sales

Yesterday, developer SoMoGa released Lunar Silver Star Story Touch [$6.99], a touch-centric iOS version of a classic RPG that initially graced the Sega CD and later made its approach to the Sega Saturn and PlayStation systems. Impressions in our forums seem positive up to now for this new release, especially you probably have a nostalgic bone for the unique versions in any way.However, this isn’t SoMoGa’s first iOS release. Way, LONG AGO in July of 2008, they launched another port of a Sega CD RPG called Vay [$4.99], and for a limited time it’s now available free of charge to celebrate the discharge of Lunar.Now, Vay was an old RPG to start with, but SoMoGa did a perfect job at taking the unique Saturn assets and wrapping them up in the entire nice UI functionality that the iPhone offered. That said, it’s an old-school experience through and through, so probably will only entice a undeniable set of gamers. Also, it hasn’t been updated in quite a while so it’s missing one of the most bells and whistles that you just might expect from newer releases. Here’s an original hands-on video we took of Vay when it first launched.Still, despite its quirks, Vay is an amazing game when you like classic RPGs, and it’s a really perfect game to have to your pocket. It’s always been $4.99 and this marks the primary time ever it’s been on sale, so even if you’ll love it can easily be discovered risk-free by downloading it and trying it out for yourself. SoMoGa also hints that some update love could be within the works for Vay, so chances are high that will probably be brought more up-to-the-minute sometime down the line.At any rate, it is a great freebie so that you can jump on whilst you have the chance, and take a look at our original review for much more information on what Vay is all about.

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