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Free Word Game - available for iPhone, iPod & iPad and now Windows 8

Who says you can't reinvent the wheel? In fact, that is just what Play Dictionary has done by turning the dictionary into a fun interactive learning game anyone can play. (Game Center support: open game center and invite friends to Play Dictionary!)
 WARNING this game is addictive!  Play Dictionary shows a definition of a word from the dictionary then asks you to figure that word out using the least amount of definitions.  The game shows you how many letters are in the word and if it is a noun or an adjective, you can also use the word in a sentence. Choose to buy a letter and it will show letters in the word as a clue. You can also use the “ask a friend” feature to send a message of the definition during the game to a friend so they can answer in real-time to play along. The game has more than nine addictive levels depending on the size of the word, creating a challenge for even the most literate English professor.  Take your turn at the Leader board and challenge your friends for high word scores!

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